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YouthStart European Entrepreneurship Award Barcelona 2019

YouthStart European Entrepreneurship Award

21st – 23rd of November 2019
Barcelona, Spain

Information about the competition

  • The competition takes place in 2 categories – “Idea Challenge” and “Real Market Challenge”. The real market category includes the more matured ideas, that have been worked out in a more sophistic way and have been presented already in some other entrepreneurship fields (e. g. competitions, sort of a fair of student businesses, published article, etc.).

  • You will have approximately 10 minutes time for your pitch/presentation, followed by a 5 minutes Q&A session with the jury.

  • The order of pitches/presentations will be set by the host organization.

  • The pitch/presentation has to be in English.

  • If you have a video to show, please present it at your booth and not during the presentation.

  • Your pitch/presentation should be as creative and convincing as possible. You can use any medium you prefer.

  • The room for the competition will be equipped with a projector.

  • Although there might be a computer in the room for the competition, please bring your own laptop.

  • If you use PowerPoint/Prezi/etc. please make sure to bring your presentation also as a PDF document on an USB-Drive.


In order to participate, your national team leader or coordinator will have to download the following form, fill it out with all the necessary data and then send it to the host team.

The City

Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain. Founded as a Roman city, in the Middle Ages Barcelona became the capital of the County of Barcelona. After merging with the Kingdom of Aragon, Barcelona continued to be an important city in the Crown of Aragon as an economic and administrative centre of this Crown and the capital of the Principality of Catalonia. Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and is today an important cultural centre and a major tourist destination. Particularly renowned are the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner, which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean are located in Barcelona. The city is known for hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics as well as world-class conferences and expositions and also many international sport tournaments. In 2009 the city was ranked Europe's third and one of the world's most successful as a city brand. In the same year the city was ranked Europe's fourth best city for business and fastest improving European city and the city has been experiencing strong and renewed growth for the past years. Since 2011 Barcelona has been a leading smart city in Europe.

The Host